Immerse Yourself: Exquisite Showers Crafted from Giant Live Edge Wood Slabs

You might be saying, “Honey, I Shrunk the Forest!” when you enter the world of enormous wooden showers built from enormous live-edge slabs of wood. Let’s explore the enchanted realm where your bathroom design is combined with the enormous redwoods of California. Drums please!

Imagine this: You believe you have entered an ethereal woodland sanctuary as you enter your toilet and a chorus of birdsong fills your ears.

These showers are more than just cubicles; they have elaborate patterns that go upward and call for vaulted or extremely high ceilings.

You are surrounded by natural slabs that still bear the contours and idiosyncrasies of their living days as you tiptoe into this hardwood heaven. You’re positive you just saw a squirrel dart by, but was it really the cunning gnome living in the shower niche?

Oh yes! Some designs include built-in niches that are precisely shaped to hold your magical lotions and potions and are nestled in the wood.

What is a forest without rain, though? You are drenched in a cascade resembling a waterfall in the heart of the Amazon by an enormous rain shower head that was designed to channel the power of the monsoons.

Take a look around you; no two of these showers are same. While other ideas are glass-covered worlds with timber ceilings and floors, some have live edge slabs surrounding you from the back and sides. Are you in Narnia or your bathroom? Possibly never.

Your heart overflows with thankfulness for the incredible craftsmanship that went into it as your fingertips move across the polished wood.

These aren’t your typical planks; they are sizable chunks of wood that found their way into your sanctuary after being stroked by a soft breeze and the sun.

When visitors see this stunning masterpiece, just imagine the talk that will start to flow at your dinner events. It’s a treehouse, right? Is it a piece of art?

No! “The Super-Shower is here!” – Your house will be the buzz of the neighborhood, and your bathroom will be the showpiece.

Let’s now discuss investing. You might need to call upon your gold-filled treasure box to create such a magnificent shower that is 10 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 6 feet deep.

Depending on the size, type of wood, glass, and craftsmanship used, the cost to create this luxurious marvel might range from $100,000 to $1.5 million.

The good news, then? Your ideal shower can be made without you having to go into the enchanted forest.

Local woodworkers have the skill to transform the unfinished live edge slabs into your own little heaven.

So, channel your inner druid and get in touch with local woodworkers to explore the countless options available for building your custom-sized wooden shower.

Furthermore, never forget that “If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…in your bathroom!”

Make the jungle your new place to unwind after a bath by channeling your inner Tarzan and Jane. Just be prepared for woodland creatures to knock on your door and invite themselves to the celebration.

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