Transform Your Living Room into a Handmade Safari with These Adorable Crochet Animal Mounts

Has the impulse to crochet an elephant ever struck you? What about a lion or a deer? If the answer is an unequivocal “yes,” then it’s time to explore the woolly and untamed world of crocheted animal wall mounts!

The truth is that these enormous crochet marvels are ideal for people like me who couldn’t kill a fly but could certainly handle a crochet hook. They provide us a chance to showcase our talent for creating while honoring the beauty of the animal realm.

There are a ton of options for these crochet mounts. The majestic lion, elegant deer, fearsome bear, or, for those seeking something a little more unusual, an elephant or a moose, are your options.

The lineup expands to include antelope, tigers, eagles, and more, providing a variety of choices that would satisfy even Noah.

Planning is necessary before starting this crochet adventure. You must take the animal’s characteristics, size, and colors into account.

Imagine it as the road plan for your crochet journey. It can be helpful to sketch your animal head beforehand. Like any good trip, be prepared for the unexpected as well.

What is the time allotment for this expedition? Well, if you’re an experienced crocheter, it might take you anywhere from 75 to 200 hours to make a medium-sized animal head. Imagine it as a crochet marathon where each stitch gets you one step closer to the finish.

You’ll need heaps of high-quality yarn, different-sized crochet hooks, and a stable mounting foundation for your creations. You will need between 15 and 20 skeins of yarn to make an animal head that is medium in size, such as an antelope or deer.

Assuming an average yarn cost of $5 per skein, the cost of the project would be between $75 and $100 just for the yarn. Your budget will probably fall between $100 and $150 after hooks and a mounting base are taken into account.

Let’s now talk about aesthetics. Each animal head gives your decor its own unique taste. A deer’s peaceful gaze can bring peace, a lion’s mane can give a splash of majesty, and an elephant’s powerful tusks can add an exotic touch to your area.

Therefore, there is an animal mount made of crochet that is perfect for you, whether your style is more country farmhouse, modern elegant, or boho eccentric.

The best thing, though? These mounts are sure to spark conversation. Imagine the shock on your guests’ faces when they see a huge crochet moose head hanging on your wall.

It’s a memorable addition to your living area since it’s a lovely blend of the odd, the magnificent, and the simple fun.

Depending on the animal you select and how ambitious you feel, the size of your crochet mount will vary. It’s entirely up to you and your crocheting prowess whether you choose a miniature tiger or a gigantic elephant.

Furthermore, don’t worry if this seems like an impossible task to complete by yourself. There are numerous crochet artists available, both locally and online, who are prepared to realize your ideas of a crocheted animal mount.

Or, if you’re a pro at crocheting, why not take up the task and create a masterpiece?

Remember: in the world of crochet animal wall mounts, the wilder, the better, whether you’re a crochet enthusiast or just trying to add a spice of fun to your room!

Giant Crochet Lion Mount Making Instructions

Note: These guidelines may not be totally true since they are only hypothetical. The exact procedure may change based on the person’s preferences and ability level.

Supplies required:

1.60–80 skeins of superior, thick, bulky yarn; a realistic lion may require a few different colours of brown, tan, cream, and black.
2. a collection of hooks for crocheting of various sizes, especially larger ones for dense yarn
Stuffing or high-density foam for filling
3. A wireframe or lightweight plastic model of a lion’s head that can be used as a building (this must be specially ordered or built by a professional; make sure it is 5 feet tall, 5 feet wide, and 1 foot deep).
4. dependable fasteners (screws, anchors, and wall brackets)
5. a stud finder and a drill for mounting
6. Knitting needles and shears
7 .glue sticks with a hot glue gun


Step 1: Planning the Crochet Patterns

As a reference, draw out or print a huge image of a lion’s head. The primary head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and mane of the lion serve as a guide for how to arrange the crochet pattern components.

Step 2: Crocheting the Main Head

Crochet a sizable section in the color you’ve chosen for the lion’s face that will cover the most of your wireframe or mold. To maintain the texture’s uniformity, you might choose to use a straightforward stitch, such as single crochet. The object must be big enough to completely encircle the 5x5x1 foot mold.

Step 3: Crocheting the Facial Features

Next, crochet distinct pieces for the nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. Use black yarn for the nose and eyes, cream for the inner ears, and different tones of brown for the mouth for a lifelike appearance.

Step 4: Crocheting the Mane

The most yarn will be needed for the mane. To produce a thick, textured mane, use the loop or bobble stitch. A lion’s mane isn’t uniform, so use different yarn colors and stitch lengths to give your project a more realistic appearance.

Step 5: Assembling the Mount

When every component is finished, it’s time to put your lion together. To attach the components to the main head, use the yarn needle and the correct yarn. You can add foam or filling to make each component appear three-dimensional.

Step 6: Attaching the Mane

Since the mane will rest on top of the other components, it should be attached last. To attach it to the main head, use your yarn needle and yarn, making sure it envelops the face and extends as far as you’d want.

Step 7: Attaching the Crochet to the Mold

Since the mane will rest on top of the other components, it should be attached last. To attach it to the main head, use your yarn needle and yarn, making sure it envelops the face and extends as far as you’d want.

Step 8: Mounting the Lion Head

Find a solid area on your wall using a stud finder. Drill holes in the wall, add wall anchors, and then fasten the brackets. Before delicately hanging your crocheted lion head, make sure the mount is firmly attached to the wall.

Keep in mind that only experienced crocheters should tackle this enormous project. If you’re new to crocheting or short on time, you could want to hire a pro or buy a ready-made crochet lion mount. Merry making!

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